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Scope of WorkFabricating & Erection of window Grill of approved pattern Made from flat angels of 2 coats of synthetic enamel paint. Approved design Including 1 coat of primer and Provide, Fabrication & Erection in position SS Railing with toughened internal staircase as per the approved design. The intermediate horizontal members will be of approved samples including welding, grinding, erection in position in perfect line level & plumb, etc All sections and plates will be as per the sample approved.

FabricationWe are the fabrication contractor providing engineering services, all types of Fabrication and installation of all MS structures, fiber sheds, ACC sheds, GI coated shed, MS railings, MS gates, panel doors, all types of SS works such as trolleys, railings, etc. site fabrication job works, and all kind of fabrication labor available.

ErectionErection means the construction, alteration or repair of steel building , bridges & other structures, including the installation of metal punching and all lathing used During the process of erection. Erection of main components of unit is started only after permanent crane is made available. As such civil works are planned in such a way that availability of main crane matches with the start of assembly and erection of main plant.

WeldingWelding is a modern tool which may be a used in advantageously to supplements riveting & other methods of fabrication in building construction. It is much more than taking two joints and soldering them together used to build projects such as satellites, machinery, heavy equipments.

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